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Семинар c Жаком Пайе


После семинара Жак Пайе любезно согласился ответить на вопрос ученика нашего додзё о боеспособности Айкидо в реальных схватках, а также выразить личное мнение по этому поводу.

Dear Aleksandr,

Thank you for contacting me.
I will try to answer your question. Aikido is mainly a defensive art and is not for fighting. However in a situation where there is no other option than to face an opponent and defend oneself, in my experience the best is to use the principal of Aikido ,mainly entering and sabaki . If you are trained in other martial arts you can use center line of Aikido, focus of power and timing to punch and kick and escape. But I personally think that it will be against the goal of Aikido to use it as a fighting system to be applied against other martial arts and also it would become something else and would not be Aikido anymore , so sparring is not a good idea in Aikido. If you feel you need to learn to be more effective and become a good fighter I suggest you study other martial (fighting) arts, but Aikido in my opinion must stay a budo (meaning stopping a fight ) not a fighting art like sport Karate, boxing....

This is just my opinion but I understand that many people might not agree.

Yours sincerely

Jacques Payet 

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